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February 21, 2007



Thanks for the association to gorillas. -- nice animals and one of the smartest in nature. :) But apart from complimenting you for your zoological choice, what prompts me to respond is the need to clarify a few points.

Less than 200 hundred customers' complaints don’t turn a legitimate business practice into spam. (I note that a significant portion of those complaints is directed against other vendors, not
Dadamobile.) Let’s look at the size of the business. There are currently millions of users in the United States who enjoy purchasing ringtone subscriptions: their satisfaction is proved by their choice to pay and to not speak out in forums and blogs. Dadamobile, being one of the top player in the market since 2005, has dealt with literally millions of customers, not just those 200!
To initiate a subscription with Dadamobile, as with all other vendors who are legitimate in the space, a customer has to give his or her permission not once, but twice!
Here is the 2-step process, in a nutshell:
1) send a request via text message or enter your mobile phone on
the web
2) the vendor replies in both cases with a text message sent to
that particular phone asking the customer to confirm the intention to complete the purchase by either replying OK (or a similar "opt-in"
phrase) or by entering a unique personal PIN code on the web.

Clearly this has got nothing to do with spam. And just to clarify the point, we never share customers’ data with anyone nor nor do we use them to upsell or cross-sell our own products. If you have any questions about these issues, you could contact us @, or check the MMA best practices with which we fully comply.

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